A downloadable game for Windows

A roomba brawler game made by a team of DigiPen Students during Train Jam 2018!


Emilio Pujadas - Production and Design

Mike Garner - Sound Design and Music Composition

Chris Spindel - 3D Models and Textures

Andrew Dillon - Programming

Control 1 of 2 roombois with a knife and 3 balloons. The goal is to destroy the other roomboi's 3 balloons before the timer runs out!

Red Controls:

W - Move forward

S - Move backwards

A - Rotate Left

D - Rotate Right

Q - Toggle fog of war

Blue Controls:

I - Move forward

K - Move backwards

J - rotate Left

L - rotate Right

U - Toggle fog of war

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable!


Suck_It_Up.zip 72 MB